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Spiritual Response Therapy SRT

  • 1 hour
  • 100 US dollars
  • Laura's Wellness


This healing modality uncovers what is holding us back, clears the energy, and sheds light on our path, ultimately leading to more freedom in our daily lives. Our past life energies and experiences are with us in this life and may be interfering or negatively affecting us by blocking a relationship, holding onto negative emotions or simply keeping us from moving forward in life. SRT works directly with Spirit utilizing a structure of charts created to clear past life programming and energies that we are still connected to on a subconscious level. This research allows us to clear restricted beliefs that are blocking us in our current daily life and replace them with positive and loving ones. Together we connect with what is separating us from divine guidance, and our truest nature, finding a greater balance of wellness and harmony within. SRT sessions can happen in person, over the phone or zoom. No preparation is necessary, just an open mind and open heart to explore this powerful healing together. Please email for current booking hours.

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