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Welcome to Laura's Wellness aromatherapy shop. Our Mission at Laura's Wellness is to provide you with products to awaken and support your health & wellness journey. We carefully select and create with only the purest form of all carrier oils and essential oils. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we love creating them! 


We are honored to offer custom aromatherapy blends. This unique offering brings us so much joy as we capture the energy and essence of intention. Choose from therapeutic rollers, body & lip butters, pure essential oil blends, face & body sprays and more!


We love to embrace the relationships we have cultivated along our path. There is a special place for each and every one. We are honored and grateful to be offering an assortment of our healing products at the special locations below:

              Inspired by Elizabeth, Pittsford NY

              Cheshire Union Store, Cheshire NY

              Healing Hands Wellness Studio, Victor NY

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