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Welcome to your journey

healing with yoga, aromatherapy & intuition

Pop-up sale on December 21st

We've been busy hand blending aromatherapy oils, butters and rollers to offer you healing benefits in the palm of your hand at any time.

Join us from 10:15-11am at The Barn

Laura founded Laura's Wellness LLC in 2010 and since that time has learned many facets to her own health and others. Her passion for healing began very naturally as she grew up trying to blend into a fast paced world even though her nature was more intuitive, softer and just simple.

Her fascination with the natural world comes through in every endeavor and nearly moment in her life. Her connections help guide her to inspire others on their true path to wellness in mind, body and soul.

She practices yoga, energy healing, aromatherapy and much more,

all from her heart, the sacred center.

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